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Blank Space 2010 Issue 3

Discovery HousesWe can e-mail, text, Skype, ‘Tweet’, Facebook our friends and family members around the world, but often we do not know our neighbours living a few doors down from us.

Discovery Houses is bringing together Hilltown residents who are willing to reach out to their neighbours in thoughtful and considerate ways.

Do you live in the Hilltown? Do you want to get to know your neighbours and work together to build a better community? Through simple acts of kindness, help to transform the Hilltown, street by street.

More Info? Speak to Timon Scheven, Community Worker. telephone: 01382 660072 address: Mark Henderson Centre, Ann Street

Highwayman Burns Night Celebration 2010 01The Burns night held at the Highwayman Youth and Community Centre in the Hilltown on Sunday the 31st January 2010 was a great success! There were between 70 and 80 members of the community in attendance. The Ferry Port Fiddlers provided the music entertainment which went down a storm.

Delicious Haggis, neeps and tatties was served and people were entertained with Bingo and a raffle. All people who provided feedback on the event said that they would definitely come to a similar events like the Burns night again.

Highwayman Burns Night Celebration 2010 02Opportunity was provided for people to comment about what the Highwayman Youth and Community Centre means to them, comments included:
“We have been fortunate to take part in the mosaic group on Thursday mornings and the items we have made will remind us of the happy hours we spent here. We have also made many new friends during our classes and hope to continue with the mosaics even though the classes may stop.”

“The Highwayman welcomes all. It is friendly – I have enjoyed my time with groups at the Highwayman more than I can say. I am devastated it is going. I hope these beautiful mosaics are preserved as a memorial.”

(This article was written by Lynsey McCallum a community education student who was on placement at the Highwayman for Blank Space issue 3 2010 for the Maryfield and Coldside areas)

With the Highwayman now demolished please let us know your thoughts or memories. We would love to hear about how the centre has benefited you and your family. dundeecommunitypodcast@googlemail.com

Who Is The Heart Of Hilltown 01At the Hilltown Festival back in December 2009 people were asked who they thought was the heart of the Hilltown.




Who Is The Heart Of Hilltown 02Most people answered Bruce White who heads up the Attic youth club. People commented that Bruce; “Is helpful”, “Is funny”, “Is a good man” and “Does a lot for the community”. The Attic runs a fun packed kids club on a Monday night at the Mark Henderson Centre from 6-8pm. The Attic project also does home visits and support young people and families in a lot of different ways.

The person with the second most votes was Ruby the lollipop lady at Rosebank Primary School. Ruby has been serving the community and Rosebank school pupils for many years. Keep up the great work!

Who Is The Heart Of Hilltown 03Kerry Dixon who is the director of Signpost International got the third most votes. Signpost International is based in the Mark Henderson Centre and took the lead in organising the Hilltown Christmas Festival in order to bring people from across the community together to celebrate Christmas and at the same time to improve people’s perceptions of the Hilltown. Signpost works hard to encourage greater community cohesion and to help renew the community spirit of the Hilltown.

Hilltown Christmas Festival December 2009 012009’s Hilltown Christmas Festival made a magnificent contribution to people’s sense of belonging to the Hilltown. Great family attractions including the Hilltown’s first ever ice rink, a climbing wall and a musical marquee helped people get into the festive spirit. Local primary pupils received a free skating session and added something really special to the festival when the three local schools; Rosebank, Our Lady’s and SS Peters & Pauls sang carols individually and together. Every child went away happy after seeing Santa in the magical grotto. The presents were kindly provided by Signpost International.

Hilltown Christmas Festival December 2009 02The magical Land of Oz enabled people of all ages to voice their opinions about different local issues, including community safety, community facilities and buildings and what changes they would like to see in their area. Creative activities were also used to engage people in a fun and relaxed way.


Hilltown Christmas Festival December 2009 03

Credit must go to the people who were involved in making the Festival a reality – from helping out on the day to helping organise the event.

Hilltown Christmas Festival December 2009




Watch out for details in the Community Features News sections pages about Celebrate Hilltown Festival Week on the 21st to 26th June 2010. Also watch out for details of the next Hilltown Christmas Festival.

StobsWELLbeing 2009 & 2010 01StobsWELLbeing focuses on improving community mental wellbeing and supports local organisations to become involved in promoting wellbeing. Training and awareness raising sessions assist the community and service providers to protect and promote mental wellbeing. A proposed social prescribing scheme will link people visiting their GP to sources of local support.

During 2009, efforts were focused on: 1. Raising awareness of the test site and exploring the idea of mental wellbeing 2. Identifying what helps promote and affect wellbeing locally 3. How wellbeing in Stobswell can be measured.

StobsWELLbeing 2009 & 2010 02Over 250 local people identified the following issues affecting wellbeing in Stobswell: Street cleaning and littering, Low levels of influence and trust, Low income and unemployment, Drug and alcohol misuse, Anti-social behaviour, Social support, Health and lifestyle, Lack of activities for children and young people.

Positively residents see Stobswell as bustling with lots of local amenities. Many people have lived in the area for a long time and know lots of others. Baxter’s Park is seen as a huge asset.

StobsWELLbeing 2009 & 2010 03A feedback process included an event at the Pavilion in Baxter Park at the end of January 2010. Local people found out about the issues raised, and talked to service providers about how the community can be involved in taking action. StobsWELLbeing also recently had a ministerial visit from Shona Robison, Minister for Public Health. Impressed with how things were progressing she highlighted the role of the community as well as local agencies in taking things forward.

Further info? Contact Sheila McMahon, Equally Well Lead Officer, 01382 435824 or sheila.mcmahon@dundeecity.gov.uk

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