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Blank Space 2010 Issue 4

The Hilltown Summer Festival is celebrating the Hilltown in many diverse ways; from tasteful, tasty and tantalizing through to thought provoking and stretching—there is something here for everyone.

They would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the different events and activities you and your family attend. Furthermore to make next year’s Festival bigger and better they need your help! If you are interested in community festivals or events in your area please call 660072 to find out more and get involved — your suggestions and comments are most welcome!

Hope you enjoy this year’s festival

Views On The ParkResidents took the opportunity to share their views on the future development of Dudhope Park. An open meeting was held at the Bharatiya Ashram Centre to allow residents and users of the park the opportunity to feedback on the proposed Masterplan.

The masterplan involves making a number of improvements to the park and its facilities and includes lighting, resurfacing, tree planting and installation of new seats. The Friends of Dudhope Park Group hosted the meeting and would encourage any one else interested in Dudhope Park to come along to the group’s Open Day on Saturday 3 July 2010 11am till 3pm Activities include a skateboard display/exhibition, Dog Agility Course, Teddy Bears Picnic, art activities and more! More info? Contact Elaine Pratt 221600

Coldside Community ForumColdside Community Forum will be having their AGM on Thursday 24 June 2010 at 6.30pm at the United Free Church in Caird Avenue. The Forum are looking to increase membership of their committee and have had a very busy year hosting meetings and taking part in local events. If you would like more information about the Forum please get in touch with Phil Welsh phil.welsh@blueyonder.co.uk

A new Tenants and Residents Group has been formed for the residents of Fairbairn Street and Arklay Street. This group have had their annual general meeting and have formed a committee. If you are interested in joining the group at their next meeting, simply wish to come along and see what happens or if you would like further information about the group please contact Nicola McGinty (Tenant Participation Officer for the West District Housing Office) on 307330.

Discovery Projects Little Theatre Transformation 01Contributing to the hive of activity at the Little Theatre, two workdays were organised in March 2010 by Discovery Projects. The workdays brought together volunteers, including local residents, young people from a local youth project and Community Church Dundee to help paint out the graffiti on the Little Theatre.

Discovery Projects Little Theatre Transformation 02Katie Allan, who was actively involved in organising the workday and painting the building said, “It is really rewarding seeing people who live locally, giving back to their community and really enjoying themselves. People who had never met each other, at the end of the project were talking and laughing with each other and were asking when the next project would be.” The workdays have been a great example of what can be achieved when people work together for the good of their community.

Discovery Projects Little Theatre Transformation 03Discovery Projects is a partnership between Signpost International and the Discovery Food Programme and aims to bring transformation to community spaces and people’s homes or flats one act of kind service at a time.

Discovery Projects Little Theatre Transformation 04

If you would like to find out more please contact Timon Scheven on 01382 660072

Art in the ParkGraffiti art on unallocated sites is an expression in many cases of frustrated, bored young people. Some are very gifted artists but for those whose buildings are defaced it is an act of vandalism and an expensive eyesore, as Dundee Dramatic Society knows only too well: visitors to the Little Theatre in recent months will have seen the unsightly damage to the building’s walls.

We have been working in partnership with the Community Regeneration team in the Hilltown in a project aimed at combating this vandalism. Fairer Scotland has awarded £5000 to enable a team led by Pam Bennet, an experienced Environment Artist, to engage with young people who frequent the Wellgate Park to turn their energies to a more acceptable form of art.

Various activities have taken place in the park including working with mosaic to make theatre masks, creating a frieze of doodle art and working on a large communal art piece with stencils and spray paint. Hot chocolate was always on offer to combat the cold!

Some school groups, including St John’s, Our Lady’s and a group from St Andrews Family Support, have also been involved and have enjoyed seeing the inside of the theatre. Some of the graffiti has been removed to clear our walls for a future mural. This will require further funding if the project is to continue.

Article by Kathleen Mochan (Little Theatre) from Blank Space Issue 4

Our Lady's Scottish Night 01We had a Scottish night on Tuesday the 23rd of February 2010. There were lots and lots of people who came. We had a live ceilidh band that was actually Mrs Fyffe’s, our school auxiliary, Husband and her daughter and her daughters old Music Teacher. They were really good at playing the instruments.

Our Lady's Scottish Night 02I think the Scottish night was really fun because I sang “Caledonia” and I said My poem which is called ” Street Talk” I also did some Scottish country dancing. Then Miss Madill’s Dad and her Uncle Callum made some Stovies they were really delicious. I loved them. Me and Mrs Rooney were dancing partners for the Gay Gordon’s it was really fun.

Our Lady's Scottish Night 03I loved the Dumpling and the Shortbread they were great. It was a fabulous night I would like to do something like it again.



Article by: Elsie Cooper (Primary 5) from Blank Space Issue 4

Taken with permission from Issue 4 of Blank Space Coldside & Maryfield magazine.hilltown demolition 2010

Maryfield and Coldside are dynamic and changing communities. All round our office the buildings are literally being torn down; I can hear the bulldozers just outside my office window.

This is part of the regeneration of the Hilltown and it is painful to watch the destruction of buildings that have been home to families or shops where people have lived their lives. Occasionally as the outer wall of a house is torn down I can see the wallpaper that someone once chose or a discarded toy lying on a bare floor and it reminds me that it’s about people.

Re-construction will certainly improve the area but it is people who bring it to life and bring community renewal. Community regeneration comes from a holistic approach and begins at grass roots level, a bottom up not top down process that empowers the community to effect real change.

If you would like to join us on this journey of shaping the future of your community please get in touch. Furthermore your comments and reflection on the demolitions in your community would be most welcome.

They hope you enjoy the issues of Blank Space. They look forward to receiving your feedback about their magazine and your stories for their next issue. They can’t stress enough that they want the magazine to be owned and shaped by you; the person reading the magazine!

Welcome by Kerry Dixon (Coldside resident / Signpost International)

Get in touch with them on 01382 660072

If you have never found out what your carbon footprint is then you don’t know what you are missing. Satisfaction, enlightenment, and knowledge plus a big chance to make money savings, cut carbon and work with your community to bring about lasting change! Wow…

The Maryfield and Coldside Community Carbon Exchange have set up a new carbon footprint tool on their website that will help you and your community find out. It will also give you practical pointers on how to make savings. Knowledge is power as they say and once you have found out your footprint you will be able to take action and help others do the same.

Following last months project launch at the Overgate the Exchange now has over 30 participants including a number of local organisations and businesses taking part – but we need more. Participants in the CCX will get a free energy monitor and advice plus have the opportunity to do something exciting to cut carbon emissions in Dundee.

Participants ideas that we are taking forward for carbon cutting include replacing delivery vans with electric rickshaws, planting urban orchards, setting up local food production and communal insulation schemes.

What are the barriers for you to cut your carbon and your energy bills? Join the CCX and take practical steps to reduce both.

To find out more contact Solar Cities Scotland today on 01382 501730 or visit www.solarcitiesscotland.org.uk

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