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Stobswell and Maryfield

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Dundee Model Boat ClubThe Dundee Model Boat Club are holding a Fun Day at the Swannie (Stobsmuir) ponds on Sunday 21st August from 12pm – 4.00pm. There will be displays of model boats plus demonstrations by members and also the chance for children (and adults!) to try the remote control models. There will also be a charity auction of two working model submarines. The Friends Of Swannie Ponds Group will also be in attendance selling refreshments and snacks and they may also have a bric-a-brac stall to assist in raising funds. Please come along and support the club and the Friends Group.



The Dundee Model Boat Club Fun Day, Sunday 21st August 2016You can find the Club Facebook page here https://en-gb.facebook.com/dundee.model.boats/

Their website is also here http://www.modelboating.co.uk/

You can find The Friends Of Swannie Ponds Facebook page here https://en-gb.facebook.com/Friends-Of-Swannie-Ponds-330040647039075/

Maryfield Briefing March 2016


February’s meeting took place in the Boomerang Community Centre. The Partnership heard that Neil Gunn was retiring and was introduced to Paul Clancy from Children & Families Services. Paul will be taking over as the new Chairperson.

A key focus of the meeting was Stobswell Forum’s plans to organise Stobsfest from May 10th – May 2oth 2016. This will hopefully bring the community together and provide an opportunity for celebrating what is taking place locally. Saturday 14th May 2016 is set to be the high point of the festival.


Health and Wellbeing

The school in-service day of February 11th 2016 was the occasion for an indoor picnic held in Boomerang Community Centre. Parents and children attended and a range of agencies provided information and promoted wellbeing.

The Advice Café at Stobswell Church continues to provide services on a weekly basis. Local people drop in and the café plays a significant role in responding to isolation. The well established Hub at Boots adds to the infrastructure of support on Albert Street.

These services and others form the basis of what is discussed at the Ward’s Health Network. Alongside a clear focus on health, this will form the basis for consultation about the new Local Community Plan for the area.

Work/Learning/Enterprise and Culture

The Local Learning Partnership brings Morgan Academy and other learning providers in the area together. Thought is being given to destinations, work placements and increased links between the community and schools. It is hoped that the festival mentioned in item one can play a role in this.

Another group hoping to benefit from the festival are local traders. Progress on establishing an Association is slow but there is hope that engagement in practical events can assist in creating some momentum.

Adult Learning classes are up and running again at Morgan Academy. Thought is being given to the longer term, including where the Adult Learning Association meet.

The Sewing Group at Arthurstone, alongside those involved in drama, have plans for making an input into the local festival.

The Library’s Garden has been a recent focus for those interested in the space as an “outdoor classroom” and an author visit to the community space on the first floor, attracted 60 pupils from Morgan Academy.

Environmental Activity/Physical Works

As well as the above focus on the immediate environment, funding applications have been successful for replacing trees in the Dura Street/Albert Street area. In addition plans are in place for Lilybank, Crescent Lane and Ladywell Avenue.

Less positively, a specific tenement has been the focus of press attention and much concern. The Private Sector Unit is attempting to tackle this alongside similar issues in the area but there is an urgency to see the matter tackled effectively. The benefit of the Partnership’s walkabouts are in danger of being lost if a productive resolution with the Private Sector cannot be achieved.

Similarly progress on issues relating to transport and lighting in the area need some resolution. A recent meeting of Stobswell Forum which was attended by John Berry, Team Leader – Sustainable Transport has moved things on a little.

Community Safety

Issues relating to young people have been discussed by the Community Wardens and the Youth Work team. This has seen “the bus” deployed in the area to assist with building relationships and provide information.

Concerns relating to kerb crawling are being discussed with Vice Versa.

Building Stronger Communities

Stobswell Forum next meet on March 21st 2016. They plan to finalise their newsletter and circulate an outline plan for the May Festival.

Discussions are taking place with Stobswell Events Group about August 14th 2016 for Celebration in the Park.

Arthurstone continues to be a well used space and Boomerang is becoming established in Kemback Street. Plans for a learning event at Morgan will be implemented in September 2016.


Tuesday 10th May 2016              LCPP Meeting           6pm       Arthurstone

Wednesday 22nd June 2016      LCPP Walkabout      2pm

May 10th – May 20th 2016        Stobfest – various events and venues.

Stuart Fairweather

Communities Officer

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